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OW SARP                     &                            WAPW             


:W CENTRUM is an interdisciplinary public project on the most important and most up to date urban issues, especially on using, planning, and designing downtown public spaces. The project gives room for professionals, designers, residents, and authorities to exchange experience on key urban space challenges. The rich program of public lectures, discussions, and workshops reaches its culmination in building and opening an art-architectural installation in the very center of Warsaw.


Due to close collaboration between the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology (WAPW) and the Warsaw Branch of the Association of Polish Architects (OW SARP) the project combines events for general public and professionals (in ZODIAK Warsaw Pavilion of Architecture) with a design studio for young architects.


:W CENTRUM touches on global issues in the local context of Warsaw. We refer to experience and exemplars of cities worldwide. We think and design with reference to the New Center of Warsaw plan. And we carry out spatial interventions in the “Wiecha” Passage right in the center of the city of Warsaw.


Each year the project focuses on different yet equally urgent aspect of public space usage, planning, and development. The first edition was dedicated to WATER (2022). Currently our attention is on NOISE (2023). Aspects such as WASTE, LIGHT, BIODIVERSITY, GREENERY, CARS, or WILD ANIMALS in city centers will be undertaken in subsequent years.

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